Product Handling Equipment

Over the years we have designed and manufactured our own custom conveyors to suit our specific needs. We are now expanding this as a product range for you to configure your own system.


This includes: 

  • Product grouping conveyors
  • Product diverging conveyors
  • Case turn conveyors
  • Product turner conveyors
Pallet Handling Equipment

Our turnkey palletising systems often require pallet handling to improve material flow or improve safety.


This often requires:

  • Pallet stacker/de-stacker
  • Pallet inspection systems
  • Pallet roller conveyors
  • Pallet chain conveyors
  • Pallet turntables
  • Pallet 90deg transfer conveyors 
Robot Tooling

With our in-house hands-on design approach, we have developed our own range of robot tooling to perform various operations, which have been tried and tested in industry.


Our gripper range:

  • Crate grippers
  • Box/Case grippers
  • Brick handling gripper
  • Vacuum grippers
  • Small parts handling
  • Custom

Contact us and we'll gladly configure your robot plus provide you with an obligation free quotation.


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